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We use our experience to create innovative items and quality snacks by checking the details and respecting the tastes of the customer
We provide innovative products, creating value through differentiation
We work in an honest committed manner and expect the same from our partners
We create excellence through new production methods and the best ingredients
Sometimes words are not enough, for this reason we invite you to taste our products ...
Let yourself be tempted by the Messori experience
Fall in love with chocolate with us !!

Messori Cioccolateria srl v.le Vittorio Veneto, 236 - 41058 Vignola (MO) – Italy
tel: +39 059 774208 - fax: +39 059 764730 - P.IVA: IT02613860366
2018 ® copyright Messori cioccolateria S.r.l.

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